Ictoriya sewing needle and its development in various sectors
If there were in the Stone Age Patent Office and primitive man brought back a request for an instrument for sewing , which stated that " the needle - this spike for sewing with an eye on the end ," all inventors over the next millennium would not have anything to add, so needle perfect. Perhaps no other tool has not passed such a constant through the entire history of mankind. Fishbone in the blunt end of which a hole is made - that is all invention . But the same " bone ", only of metal, we still use today. Some time after the creation of the bone needle ( They're too fragile! ) Began to look for a replacement . In the case went thorn spikes then needles were made of bronze, iron . Steel appeared in Europe in the 14th century , when they learned the secret of durable damask steel. Eyelet initially did not know how to do - just a blunt tip was folded . The appearance of the drawing board has greatly facilitated the manufacture of needles, to improve their appearance .